Insulative Protective Coatings

Superior coating technology provides insulation and
corrosion protection across a broad spectrum of industrial applications

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LifeLast ThermaLast Insulative Coating System: superior insulating corrosion protection

In 1997, LifeLast Inc. engineered the ThermaLast technology for a LEED Qualified, thin-film insulation to replace conventional products for a number of industrial applications. The result was a coating that would adhere to almost any surface, withstand temperatures of up to 500°F and provide personnel protection, while taking up only a fraction of an inch. The product remains a leader in innovation and covers more than a million square feet of surfaces across a myriad of industries and environments.

ThermaLast is a high-tech, multi-use, liquid insulation. Staying true to LifeLast’s motto, “Innovation Through Formulation®”, ThermaLast is an engineering innovation benefiting industrial applications from steam pipe to oil and gas tanks to warehouse rooftops. Wherever conventional insulation is traditionally utilized, ThermaLast offers a less expensive, more productive solution. ThermaLast’s ease of application, compared to that of conventional insulation, reduces labor costs. Its thermal protection qualities offer energy savings and substrate adherence properties that make corrosion under insulation (CUI) virtually a thing of the past. LifeLast’s ThermaLast Insulative Coating is the system you can rely on.

Protection and Reflection through Innovation

ThermaLast relies on its unique formulation to deliver the physical qualities that make it an industry leading insulative coating system.

ThermaLast insulation protects the two most important assets you rely on to run your business; employees and equipment. Surfaces of equipment and infrastructure are encapsulated, and the tightly adhered ThermaLast coating protects against corrosion from the elements. It also provides incredible reflectivity and emissivity, virtually eliminating energy transfer to the coated structure. In solar environments, less that 1% of the sun’s energy makes it way through the ThermaLast and into the building or equipment. Additionally, your employees are protected from potential epidural injury with ThermaLast’s ability to mitigate burns on substrates with pre-coated operating temperatures up to 500°F. Protect the assets that are most important to you with LifeLast’s ThermaLast coating system.

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