Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve

Putting Polyurethane Protective Coatings to Work in Your Industrial Setting

Learn more about the corrosion protection products available for your industry. For more detail on the solutions or the specific products formulated to meet your needs, simply click on the relevant industry overview.

Fish and Wildlife

Minimize corrosion in fishponds, raceways and holding tanks with LifeLast’s DuraShield 310 polyurethane. Its film characteristics are the fish-friendly and eco-friendly industry choice.


LifeLast DuraShield products are an innovative solution to abrasion, sticking, release and clean-up problems for Agribusiness.

Concrete Coating & Flooring

LifeLast’s polyurethane coatings preserve and restore concrete floors, walls and containment systems with a smooth, even, easy to maintain surface.


LifeLast’s DuraShield polyurethane products provide excellent protection from chemicals, abrasion, dents, scratches, blistering, and weather, while increasing a structure’s appearance, performance, and value.


We focus on our core – Innovation – and always keep the needs of the customer at the center of the process.

Pulp & Paper

From paper rolls to storage vessels, wastewater systems, and even mill floors, LifeLast products provide economical, long-term protection for a wide variety of pulp and paper mill environments.


Whether key problem issues are corrosion protection or wear and abrasion, LifeLast’s DuraGard provides the necessary barrier of protection for rail industry applications.

Steel Pipe

Water and Wastewater Transmission

LifeLast corrosion protection polyurethane linings and coatings provide smooth, efficient, low friction flow and safe, secure containment from drinking water to raw sewage, hydrochloric acid to sodium hydroxide, penstocks to outfalls. Download our Steel Pipe Protective Coatings and Linings brochure


Lengthen equipment life and increase productivity by minimizing wear and corrosion with LifeLast DuraGard coated truck and trailer bed liners. Slick, pore-free surfaces reduce or even eliminate freezing, sticking and general unloading problems.

Water & Wastewater

With LifeLast DuraShield coatings and linings, water containment protection is fast and reliable with time-tested coatings, even in the toughest immersion environments. Very low permeability and excellent chemical resistance make DuraShield polyurethanes an excellent choice for protecting industrial and municipal wastewater systems.


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