DuraShield™ Joint & Repair Systems

DuraShield™ Joint & Repair Systems

Joint & Repair System (JARS) and Touch-up Kits: Simple, User-Friendly Systems to Repair Patches and Line and Coat Field Joints

The DuraShield 310-61 Joint & Repair System (JARS) Kit, the DuraShield 210–61 Touch-up Kit and the DuraShield 310–61 Touch-up Kits are simple, user-friendly systems for repairing damaged areas of the coating, as well as for field joint lining and coating. The DuraShield JARS and Touch-up Kit material is suitable for application over abrasive blasted substrates (SSPC-SP10), as well as power-tool prepared substrates (SSPC-SP11). Each JARS and Touch-up Kit includes premeasured quantities of the DuraShield products, brushes, gloves and mixing sticks. Thousands of interior and exterior joints have been successfully lined and/or coated using JARS Kits.

DuraShield Joint and Repair Systems comply with a number of industry standards, depending on product and application:

Typical Industrial Applications

Primary Features and Benefits