DuraShield™ Makes Food Handling Safer with Chemical Containment and Improved Ease of Decontamination and Clean Up

LifeLast DuraShield™ linings and coatings offer the ideal solution in the food and agribusiness for easily maintaining clean, smooth, corrosion-free surfaces in facilities, and for transportation and other equipment.

Formulated as a high build, semi-gloss finish for interior and exterior steel, concrete, masonry, and cinder block, these products protect your entire operation. The pore-free surface that the DuraShield™ coating provides significantly mitigates the areas for bacteria to grow and since it holds up well to bleach and other aggressive cleaning solutions, can be decontaminated very quickly and readily.

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Floors and walls are protected from corrosive attack and clean up is much easier. A non-skid application technique can be used on floors to improve traction and minimize slippage. DuraShield™ coatings applied to the walls help reduce buildup and make clean up easier than on non-coated surfaces. DuraShield coatings have excellent water resistance and stand up well to cleaning chemicals, humidity and wind-driven rain.

Application of LifeLast DuraShield™ coatings can be accomplished with little interruption to your operation. Spray or hand applied, DuraShield coatings are designed to cure rapidly, allowing them to be placed into service soon after the application.

Typical Industrial Applications

Primary Features and Benefits




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