Fish & Wildlife

Fish & Wildlife

DuraShield Delivers Easy Maintenance Coatings for Fish-Friendly Environments

Supporting the environment is one of LifeLast’s passions and we strive to play a roll in many different sustainability applications. Having built our company in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, LifeLast is fortunate to be solution partners in the design and restoration of the many fish hatcheries in our region. The demand for hydroelectric power has created the need for new fish hatcheries, but many of the existing fish hatcheries have been in service for over 100 years. Whether working with a corrosion/environmental engineer or an owner on a new design or building solutions for the restoration of an existing facility, LifeLast DuraShield polyurethanes are an ideal lining alternative.

Eco-Friendly DuraShield polyurethanes are 100% solids with no volatile organic compounds (VOC). The film provides a fast curing, smooth and even surface that minimizes injury to the fish and allows for easy cleaning for years to come. With the proper equipment, the system is easy to apply and cost effective for the owner. We also offer a number of different fish-friendly colors to help with the acclimation of the fish to the surrounding environment.

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