OEM–Original Equipment Manufacturer

“Partner with Us”

Rather than approach a manufacturer’s need with an off-the-shelf product, LifeLast designs a solution. Our definition of a solution provider reveals our approach:  “a strategic partner with the ability to provide multiple custom solutions for a complex set of challenges”. This definition mirrors how we view an opportunity with a customer. We identify the specific needs of the application and design a solution ideally suited for it. We focus on our core–Innovation–and always keep the needs of the customer at the center of the process. Whether faced with severe corrosion or system failure due to wear and abrasion, we aim to customize a formulation that solves a specific problem for a specific application. Not only will LifeLast address the physical and chemical properties required to meet the need, our solution will also be optimized to suit the specific application parameters of the manufacturing facility.


Typical Industrial Applications

Primary Features and Benefits



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