DuraShield™ 110/210 Steel Pipe Systems

DuraShield™ 110/210 Steel Pipe Systems

Protective Coating Products

DuraShield 110 and DuraShield 210 Line and Coat Steel Pipe for Smooth, Safe, Water and Wastewater Transmission

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DuraShield coatings provide an excellent barrier of protection for ferrous and non-ferrous metals and other substrates. DuraShield completes the corrosion protection offering by providing flexibility in application characteristics to suit the individual applicators experience and facility set-up.  TheDuraShield 110 and 210 are bred out of the same resin formulation and offer a choice for the applicator.  Whether the DuraShield™ 110 or 210 is the better fit, you can rest assured that the industry leading physical characteristics and corrosion protection are delivered through the same backbone chemistry; proven performance.

LifeLast DuraShield polyurethanes are designed to effectively address the corrosion and wear challenges present in industry. They combine an excellent blend of physical properties to provide solutions to the aggressive environments present in industrial applications. From pipe, tank and manhole linings to floor and wall coatings, DuraShield coatings have been used successfully since 1988 in a wide variety of industrial applications.

Typical Industrial Applications (Steel Pipe)

Primary Features & Benefits

DuraShield Coating Industry Qualifications:

DuraShield 110 and 210

Formulated specifically to provide outstanding long-term protection of steel pipe - both for interior lining and exterior coating - with optimal application properties; “staged polymerization” provides fast cure/handling times with excellent adhesion.

Since 2004, LifeLast DuraShield polyurethanes have been applied to over 200 miles of steel pipe for hydroelectric penstocks and water and wastewater transmission with pipe ranging in diameter from 4 inches to over 15 feet.

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