Water & Wastewater

Water & Wastewater

Ensuring Safe, Secure Containment from Drinking Water to Raw Sewage

LifeLast DuraShield polyurethanes have successfully lined and protected water and wastewater systems since 1988. LifeLast was challenged to provide corrosion protection solutions for very difficult applications and most of our oldest case histories are in very aggressive immersion environments. The original water and wastewater applications employing LifeLast polyurethanes are still operating today and are performing very well.

Wastewater Treatment

DuraShield polyurethanes protect both industrial and municipal wastewater systems. The very low permeability and excellent chemical resistance of DuraShield polyurethanes allow them to hold up well in a wide variety of wastewater systems. From food processing and pulp and paper to refineries and municipal systems, DuraShield polyurethanes provide proven, long-term protection in a wide variety of applications.

LifeLast DuraShield polyurethanes offer a great combination of physical properties. While they are generally hard and tough with very low permeability, they are also flexible, allowing them to handle expansion and contraction of the substrate, as well as impact and abrasion. This combination of physical properties renders them effective in a wide array of applications. They are especially effective in immersion applications like those present in the water and wastewater industry.

Typical Industry Applications


Water Storage Tanks

DuraShield polyurethanes perform very well in water storage lining applications as well. Whether used to line tanks or pipes - made of steel, ductile iron or concrete - LifeLast polyurethanes seal and protect the substrate, providing long term protection for both interior lining and exterior coating applications. DuraShield polyurethanes are also formulated to provide the optimal cure properties.




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