Water & Wastewater

Water & Wastewater

Ensuring Safe, Secure Transfer from Drinking Water to Raw Sewage

Welded Steel Pipe (WSP) is a common engineering design choice for water and wastewater transmission. Design considerations include strength, ease of installation, high flow capacity, leak resistance, long service life, reliability/versatility and economy. WSP accommodates these considerations and offers engineers and owners a proven reliable pipeline system in diameters ranging from 4” to 184”.

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LifeLast’s DuraShield polyurethanes are applied as a lining and coating to provide corrosion protection to the pipeline and extend the service life and improve performance. DuraShield polyurethanes are very hydrophobic and chemical resistant and have excellent abrasion and impact resistance properties. Additionally, DuraShield polyurethanes allow for up to 5% deflection and have proven in-field joint lining solutions. These attributes aid in the pipelines ability to offer a long service life in a variety of applications and benefit the contractor during installation. All of these considerations and benefits make WSP with LifeLast DuraShield Polyurethane linings and coatings a smart choice for your pipeline.

Since 2004, over 200,000 gallons of LifeLast DuraShield polyurethanes have been applied to over 100 miles of WSP. All of the parties involved in a project, the owner, design engineer, manufacturer/coater and general contractor will benefit from the use of LifeLast DuraShield linings and coatings; especially when both the economics of the products, as well as the performance properties, are considered.

Water & Wastewater Transmission (AWWA C222 compliant & NSF/ANSI certified)




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