Even With Abrasive, Caustic Cargo, Slick Polyurethane Surfaces Keep Product Flowing Smoothly

LifeLast DuraGard® coatings have been protecting equipment in the rail industry since 1993. The DuraGard line of urethanes allows for the selection of a product specifically designed to provide the ideal properties for your application. Whether the application requires primarily corrosion protection or if wear and abrasion are the key problem issues, one of the DuraGard products is likely to provide the necessary barrier of protection. DuraGard® polyurethane coatings are used to protect cars hauling sludge, salt, coal, dirt, contaminated soils, sand and gravel, various liquid chemicals and more.

DuraGard® coatings have been used to line the interior of a variety of rail car types.

Typical Industrial Applications

Primary Features and Benefits




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