Pulp & Paper

Pulp & Paper

DuraShield™ Demonstrates Decades of Stellar Corrosion Protection in the Pulp & Paper Industry

LifeLast linings and coatings got their start in 1988 protecting equipment in the pulp and paper industry. Lined tanks and paper rolls from the 80s are still in operation today. From paper rolls to storage vessels to wastewater systems, and even mill floors, LifeLast products provide economical, long-term protection for a wide variety of substrates and applications.

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LifeLast's DuraShield™ polyurethanes provide extended protection for primary and secondary containment of a wide range of chemicals present in the pulp and paper industry. Protection of the steel and concrete substrates present in the wastewater systems is one of LifeLast’s specialties.

DuraShield™ coatings offer a tough, durable, long-lasting barrier of protection for many types of wastewater equipment.

LifeLast DuraShield™ polyurethane coatings also perform well at protecting concrete floors. The abrasion and impact resistance, flexibility, durability and quick cure times/turnarounds of DuraShield polyurethanes provide a great alternative to the conventionally employed hard, brittle, slow epoxy systems.

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