Sturdy Polyurethane Coating Makes Surfaces and Structures Shipshape

LifeLast's DuraShield™ 310 product is used in numerous marine related applications, providing excellent protection from corrosion, chemicals, abrasion, dents, scratches, blistering, and weather, while increasing the new and existing structure's appearance, performance, and value. LifeLast polyurethanes are effective at protecting both interior and exterior marine structures, including ballast tanks, holds, decks, docks and piling. Application and repair using LifeLast's DuraShield™ coatings and linings is quick and easy. DuraShield coatings have excellent water resistance and stand up well to salt water, cleaning chemicals, humidity and wind-driven rain, and improve productivity with easy to maintain clean, smooth, corrosion-free surfaces.

Typical Industrial Applications

Primary Features & Benefits




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