Protective Coating Products


LifeLast DuraGard® products are 100% solid polyurethane linings and coatings formulated specifically for the transportation industry. DuraGard® coatings provide an excellent barrier of protection for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, concrete, fiberglass, wood, masonry and other substrates.

They combine very low permeability and excellent chemical resistance with great flexibility, durability and hardness to provide an effective solution to the corrosion and wear problems present in the transportation marketplace. The result is a smooth, easily applied and repaired surface that streamlines loading, unloading and clean-up, and dramatically extends the serviceable life of whatever it covers. DuraGard® coatings have been used successfully in the transportation market since 1993, with thousands of applications in the trucking, rail and municipal equipment areas of the market. From tank trailer linings to thousands of lined containers, trailers and sweepers, DuraGard®'s success in the trucking market is proven and diverse.

Typical Industrial Applications

Primary Features and Benefits


Coating Industry Standard Compliance:

DuraGard® coatings comply with FDA dry bulk and USDA incidental contact standards.

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