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• Environmentally Friendly
• Customized

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Aged Penstock Rehabilitation Extends Service Life

Long Lake Hydroelectric Dam Penstock #1 Rehabilitation

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Hoppers Wearing Thin. LifeLiner™ Guarantees Protection for Life. 

Faced with extreme wear and corrosion in the interior hoppers of their street sweepers, Elgin sought a solution. LifeLast Delivered.

Hopper Liner at Elgin

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Raw Water Transmission Line Weaves Safely Through Rocky Terrain

Tough LifeLast coatings survive rough conditions to safely transport lake water 5.5 miles for a thirsty growing community.

Brushy Creek Raw Water Pipeline Project

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Irrigation Hydroelectric Penstock Project: 22 Miles Steel Pipe

LifeLast’s biobased solution helps Central Oregon Irrigation Dist. water crops, power 2,000 homes/year & restore salmon habitat.

Juniper Ridge Irrigation Hydroelectric Pipeline Project

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Exposed Run-of-River Hydroelectric Penstock Pipe …Performs

Testing after prolonged atmospheric exposure reveals DuraShield polyurethane coating provided exceptional protection

Prospect Hydroelectric Plant

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Transmitting 36 Million Gallons of Wastewater Daily

Influent and effluent secondary treatment through 13+ mile lines (and a lot more) to a pump station and mile-long outfall.

Brightwater Sewer Conveyance System

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Wastewater Double Wash Crossing: Didn’t DIP, Did Work, Saved $320K

Successfully challenged State Rule to deliver a better solution

Pima County Regional Optimization Plant Interconnect Project

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Customized, environmentally-friendly, durable, advanced polyurethane coatings for metal, concrete, asphalt, and wood.

LifeLast DuraShield and DuraGard coatings provide superior protection in harsh industrial environments: concrete and flooring, fish and wildlife, food and agribusiness, marine, pulp and paper, rail, transportation and trucking, water and wastewater treatment and transmission environments. read more…

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