Case Study

Brushy Creek Raw Water Pipeline

Brushy Creek Raw Water Pipeline

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Project Title

Brushy Creek Raw Water Pipeline Project

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Project Scope

Lining - CML and coating - DuraShield 210 - 30 mils, of 24,000 lineal feet of 78” Welded Steel Raw Water Pipe


Brushy Creek Regional Utility Authority

Date Completed


Costly delays minimized with tough LifeLast DuraShield coated, transportable steel pipe and simple field joint coating with compatible heat shrink sleeves. Smart, cost-effective solutions will serve a growing community for years to come.

AWWA C222 industry standard compliant for interior and exterior of steel water pipe and fittings.

Brushy Creek Regional Utility Authority (BCRUA), a partnership of the cities of Cedar Park, Leander, and Round Rock, Texas, has a responsibility to provide reliable, cost-effective sources of water for their fast growing jurisdictions. BCRUA’s challenge: develop a new regional water supply system to augment current resources within three to seven years. Otherwise the regions economic future and even more critical, the health, safety and quality of life for its residents are at risk. This challenge needed to be addressed—fast.

The solution: construct of a new 42 million gallon per day water treatment plant. Water will draw from a deep water intake in Lake Travis and be delivered to a treatment plant via 5.5 miles of 78” welded steel pipe transmission line. The contract for the $19.4 million dollar pipeline was awarded to SJ Louis Construction of Texas and work began in 2009.

The 5.5 miles of 78” diameter welded steel pipe was constructed by Northwest Pipe Company at their Saginaw, Texas facility. Rocky terrain in open cut construction created an aggressive trench environment. Northwest Pipe Company needed pipe that could survive a tough transport and install. They selected DuraShield 210 with a 30 mil coating; its superior abrasion and impact resistance made it the obvious choice. LifeLast’s DuraShield 210 robust pipe coating allows the contractor to move through the construction schedule without costly delays created by damaged coating.

Additional time savings in construction are realized with the DuraShield 210‘s ease of joint coating. LifeLast certifies the use of heat shrink sleeves with DuraShield polyurethane. It’s a quick, cost-effective solution for post-weld joint coating. Heat shrink sleeves are easy to apply and provide a corrosion prevention joint coating system that can be easily installed in the field by the contractor without sacrificing integrity.

Brushy Creek Regional Utility Authority’s foresight into future water demand demonstrates strong customer commitment. LifeLast is honored to be a partner in this project and a part of an ongoing solution.

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