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Fairways at Pipelines

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LifeLast is organizing the upcoming ASCE Pipelines Conference Golf Tournament. The afternoon of July 27th at the Newcastle Golf Club in Bellevue, WA, promises to be memorable. Ian McFatridge, Mark Buratto, John Bambei (Denver Water),  & Larry Swim (Northwest Pipe) are planning to defend their tournament championship with a vengeance. Sign up before the spots are gone (July 7th advanced discount deadline). Hole sponsorships are still available, contact Ian for details.

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New DuraShield Application Specification Sheets

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Are you current with LifeLast specification requirements? A new round of revisions is available! Visit the Technical Data page to download the new Application Specification Sheets for DuraShield 210/210-61, 310/310-61, 310-61 JARS, and 320. In addition to surface preparation, application, inspection/testing, and repair information, equipment criterion are listed in the appendix.

Up next: Technical Data Sheets! Watch for the latest physical properties and other product details…

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