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LifeLast introduces the LifeLast Cartridge System Application Video.

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We have just posted our new LifeLast Cartridge System video to Vimeo. You can watch it below.

LifeLast Cartridge System Application Video from Ian McFatridge on Vimeo.

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LifeLast introduces the ANSI/NSF certified DuraShield 110-61 for the water market.

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Lifelast is very pleased to introduce our latest offering for the water market.  The superior AWWA C222 conforming DuraShield 110 has been tested and approved for ANSI/NSF Standard 61 certification and will be known as DuraShield 110-61.  DuraShield 110-61 is available in virtually any color and all of the same cure speeds as the DuraShield 110, all while maintaining its NSF certification.  In addition, DuraShield 110-61 is now suitable for immersion in potable water environments in as little as 24 hours (as opposed to the 72 hours for the DuraShield 210-61).  Attached you will find the DuraShield 110-61 Technical Data Sheet and the 2019 NSF listing.  For more information, please visit LifeLast.com or contact LifeLast at (512) 628-2112.

You can download the DuraShield 110/110-61 Technical Data Sheet here.

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