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LifeLast has moved to Texas!

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LifeLast is excited to announce our recent move to Austin, Texas!  We have doubled our production space and capacity and added a couple key teammates to help us with our growth.  You can expect the same industry leading service and products and our dedication to “Innovation Through Formulation”.  Give us a call with questions or stop by to see our new production facility.

LifeLast, Inc., 3813 Helios Way, Suite 190, Pflugerville, Texas 78660. New Phone: 512-628-2112, Fax: 512-628-2113 

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Welcome Kit Harper

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LifeLast is thrilled to announce our newest team member, Kit Harper, Logistics and Purchasing Manager. Blessed with solid growth, LifeLast had the opportunity to bring Kit onboard with 14 years of product development experience at one of the largest IT companies in the Fortune 100. Kit brings a new set of eyes to our business and we are excited about his potential and future contributions in our new Austin, Texas location. Kit graduated from the University of Idaho with a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering. Welcome aboard, Kit!

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