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Go Green, Go BioPreferred

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Isn’t it great when making the “right” choice is also the easy thing to do? Are you aware you can choose a 100% solids, VOC-free polyurethane with 64% biological content? It’s true! LifeLast DuraShield 310 (regular and NSF) are USDA Certified Biobased Products. The US Department of Agriculture’s BioPreferredSM Program includes a labeling system that provides the information needed to choose environmentally responsible products that are more than 50% “biobased”… meaning made from renewable agricultural (plant, animal, and marine) materials or forestry materials. Certified products are tested to verify their biological content. That means public and private sector alike can support Mother Earth without compromising on quality or paying a premium; choose DuraShield 310. Learn more on our BioPreferred page.

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Fairways at Pipelines

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LifeLast is organizing the upcoming ASCE Pipelines Conference Golf Tournament. The afternoon of July 27th at the Newcastle Golf Club in Bellevue, WA, promises to be memorable. Ian McFatridge, Mark Buratto, John Bambei (Denver Water),  & Larry Swim (Northwest Pipe) are planning to defend their tournament championship with a vengeance. Sign up before the spots are gone (July 7th advanced discount deadline). Hole sponsorships are still available, contact Ian for details.

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