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Physical Properties and Polyurethane Pro’s

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The wealth of resources continue to grow on LifeLast’s Technical Data page. Last month, new Technical Data Sheets were released for the DuraShield 210, 310, & JARS repair kits. Curious about cure times, recoat windows, physical properties, or just how to determine which product is right for your application? LifeLast TDS’s provide the answers.

Once you’ve gathered the facts, you’ll need a top-notch applicator to get the job done. Just released is the latest list of organizations certified to apply LifeLast products. Several offer mobile operations, so if you don’t see one near your project, call LifeLast for assistance. We’re here to help!

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ASCE Tourney Crowns New Champs

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LifeLast’s defending champion team (Jeff Buratto, Ian McFatridge, John Bambei – Denver Water Board and Larry Swim – Northwest Pipe) were dethroned at this year’s ASCE Pipelines Conference Golf Tournament. The July 27th tournament rounded out the annual gathering that took place in Seattle, WA. McFatridge, who chaired the event, passed the bragging rights to the team of CH2M Hill’s Doug Jenkins and Walt Schwarz, PCCI’s Barney Lubetkin, & John Bush of Puget Sound Coatings. The LifeLast team did manage the runner-up slot. Third place accolades went to Northwest Pipe’s Russ Lascink and William Ast who partnered with Mike Ambroziak and Rudy Vigilia of HDR. LifeLast is proud to be a part of this annual gathering of the industry’s pipeline engineering community and has every intention of seeking to recapture their title at next year’s conference in Miami, FL.

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