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Clarifier Lining at Blue Heron Paper

Clarifier Lining at Blue Heron Paper

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Project Title

Clarifier Lining at Blue Heron Paper

Project Scope

Lining of Wastewater Clarifier with 125 mils of DuraShield 310


Blue Heron Corporation (formally Jefferson Smurfit)

Date Completed


When Blue Heron Corporation discovered exposed rebar on their concrete wastewater clarifier, LifeLast responded ASAP. After a good coating of LifeLast DuraShield polyurethane, even the toughest chemicals were ably contained. Inspections years later showed that the entire clarifier was 100% intact, corrosion-free.

Wastewater treatment clarifier coated with DuraShield 310

Wastewater treatment clarifier coated with DuraShield 310

In 1996 Blue Heron Corporation’s Newsprint Mill in Oregon City, Oregon, had an opportunity to perform a close inspection of their wastewater treatment clarifier. Upon inspection they discovered the concrete structures of their clarifier, particularly the walls, were experiencing extensive corrosive attack. The corrosion was so extreme that rebar was exposed in areas and the aggregate was protruding as much as 1/2” in spots. They needed something to eliminate the corrosive attack caused by the hydrosulfurous acid, sulfuric acid and hydrogen sulfide gas present in the system.

Blue Heron turned to LifeLast DuraShield polyurethane coatings to solve the problem. LifeLast DuraShield’s extremely low permeability, excellent chemical resistance, great flexibility, high build characteristics, quick turnaround and proven performance made it the natural choice as the solution.

The concrete walls and steel center fill structure were sandblasted and lined with 125 mils and 60 mils of LifeLast DuraShield polyurethane respectively.
The work was completed in less than 72 hours. In August 2001 the clarifier was thoroughly inspected and Blue Heron (originally Jefferson Smurfit) found no disbondment or loss of coating throughout the structure. All 10,000 square feet was 100% intact.


Blue Heron paper mill

LifeLast has case histories in aggressive immersion environments dating back to the 1980’s that we continue to monitor today. This application is just one of the numerous unique projects where LifeLast’s DuraShield Polyurethanes can provide a cost effective, proven solution to corrosion challenges. We are honored to be a partner in the long-term remedy for this particular clarifier and all of the projects on which we have supplied Durashield polyurethanes.

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