Case Study

Lining of Concrete Manholes in Lewiston

Lining of Concrete Manholes in Lewiston

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Project Title

Lining of Concrete Manholes

Project Scope

Lining of Ductile Iron Manholes with 150 mils of LifeLast DuraShield 310


The City of Lewiston, Idaho

Date Completed

July, 1989

After manholes in an expansion project at their wastewater treatment plant fell short of leak test requirements, city officials sought out the exceptional performance qualities of polyurethane to resolve the issue as well as invest in corrosion protection for years to come.

DuraShield 310 passes Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction (“Greenbook”) Chemical Resistance (“Pickle Jar”) Tests

In 1989 the City of Lewiston needed three new manholes for an addition to their wastewater treatment facility. The city had the manholes built by a local company and then performed a series of leak tests on them. The manholes failed the tests. They then turned to LifeLast coatings to protect the manholes and prevent them from leaking. LifeLast coating’s extremely low permeability, excellent chemical resistance, great flexibility, high build characteristics and quick turnaround made it a perfect choice for this application.

Manhole After LifeLast Application

Manhole After LifeLast Application

The manholes were cleaned by hand, using metal brushes, rinsed with water, allowed to dry and then lined with 150 mils of LifeLast urethane. The linings were thoroughly inspected in January 1999, and the results showed no loss of coating or disbondment in any of the manholes.  The coating was 100% intact.

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