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Lewiston Concrete Chlorine Basin Lining

Lewiston Concrete Chlorine Basin Lining

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Project Title

Concrete Chlorine Basin Lining

Project Scope

Relining a concrete chlorine contact basin with 70 mils of DuraShield 310


City of Lewiston, Idaho

Date Completed

August, 1991

Inspections revealed degradation in the material protecting a chlorine contact basin at the city’s water treatment facility. An evaluation of products showed polyurethane as the best rehabilitation solution. Many years later, the lining remains intact and is performing to the same level of protection as the day it was put in service.

DuraShield 310 passes Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction (“Greenbook”) Chemical Resistance (“Pickle Jar”) Tests

Chlorine Basin After Rehabilitation

Chlorine Basin After Rehabilitation

In the early 1990’s, the City of Lewiston inspected their chlorine contact basin and discovered that the coal tar epoxy lining had deteriorated. A new lining system was needed to protect the concrete from chemically induced corrosion, resulting from chlorine attack of the cement in the concrete. The City of Lewiston chose LifeLast coating to eliminate this problem and extend the useful life of the basin. LifeLast coating’s extremely low permeability, excellent chemical resistance, great flexibility, high build characteristics and quick turnaround made it a perfect choice for this application.

The concrete was sandblasted clean, removing all coal tar residual and then lined with 70 mils of LifeLast urethane. In fact, turnaround for the work was less than 72 hours. The lining system was thoroughly inspected in December 1998, and the results showed no loss of coating or disbondment throughout the entire structure.

LifeLast protective coatings helped the City protect and add additional life to valuable wastewater equipment.

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